Contiki’s Rock N’ Soul: Part One

Our very own Sales & Marketing Administrator, Allyson C. took an adventure on Contiki’s Rock n’ Soul itinerary!  Check out the first part of her grand adventure traveling through the heart of rock n’ soul in the United States.


Employee Guest Post by:  Allyson C.

Many Americans are focused on exploring the wonders of the world on other continents and unintentionally overlook the fantastic travel destinations available within the United States. Traveling within the United States stretches your vacation dollar since you save money on airfare and exchange rates, and this summer I chose to take advantage! Wanting to stretch my travel buck coupled with my love affair with food and music led me to book Rock N’ Soul, an exclusive Summer 2011 Contiki. Starting in Chicago and winding its way through the Midwest to the Deep South, this 12-day itinerary is comprised of Chicago, St. Louis, Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans. With so many wonderful cities and their experiences to share, I’ve decided to make this a two-part blog.

“Chicago, Chicago that toddlin’ town”- Frank Sinatra

Known for architecture, world-class museums, deep dish pizza, Chicago dogs, and distinct forms of blues and modern jazz, Chicago is abuzz with summer energy.  My tour kicked off in true Chicago-style with deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria and a night at Buddy Guy’s Legends for live blues music. Be sure to try the “Lou”—thick, buttery, flaky crust topped with fresh spinach, mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, and covered in a three cheese blend. Yumm-o! The bands at Buddy’s that night performed both delta style (originating in the Mississippi delta) blues and Chicago blues, priming my ears for the next 11 days of live music.

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