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Guest Post: A Little Italy Anyone?

Guest Post From: Nicole Valles, Contiki Marketing Coordinator

Tourism Italy organized a cross-country tour to educate consumers and travel agents alike on the wonders and beauty of Italy via their mobile education center and lounge. I decided to take the afternoon to visit Tourism Italy during their stop at the Irvine Spectrum Center here in sunny California.

The 53’ double-expandable trailer featured a café-style interior outfitted with comfortable guest seating, oversized photomurals and a series of large touch screen monitors that enable individuals to navigate their own personal tour of Italy’s 20 different regions.

Samples of chocolate and olive oil were available thanks to their sponsors, ensuring no one walked away empty handed. That coupled with all the great information on Italy and its many regions led to a very enriching experience.  Not to mention, the place totally reminded me of a nightclub.


- Nicole

Tourism Italy 1

Tourism Italy 2

Tourism Italy 3