Having Your Cake and Eating it Too While Abroad

After guest blogger Kelley Last took us on a Round-the-World Chocolate tour, we decided to do a round-up of some of the delicious non-chocolate treats that you can find around the world.  The U.S. has seen a surge in the gourmet cupcake trend, but the world is filled with sugary confections just waiting to be devoured.  Our palates seem to be open to so many different types of cakes, cookies, and confections while we’re traveling.  Feast your eyes on five of the following sweet treats from around the world and let us know if we missed your favorites!


Ahh, the egg custard tart.  With a flaky crust, and a sweet custard filling that is burnt a la creme brulee, these Portuguese delights can be found not only in Europe, but also flooding the streets in China!

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The Round-the-World Chocolate Tour

In honor of Chocolate Day (today!), we’ve got a sinfully delicious guest blog post from Kelley Last, Contiki traveler and lover of chocolate (but who isn’t?)  Enjoy this fun round-the-world chocolate tour, and then go indulge in some confectionery delights yourself!


One of the best reasons to travel is the opportunity to find (and eat) different kinds of chocolate! Sure, there’s the centuries-old castles, walking the streets of history and understanding different cultures… but really, eating local food and tasting new candy is also a very convincing reason to go! (Why does chocolate taste SO much better when you’re on vacation?) I love finding cocoa treasures in other countries, and stuffing my carry-on bags with a stash of sugared goods to dig into once I’m home. I get giddy when I discover new and delicious confections!

So here’s my list of some of the world’s best chocolate, along with the Contiki itineraries that will allow you to indulge in them!

Germany is the home of the beloved Kinder company. They make a variety of yummy treats including the Bueno. But my favorite is the Kinder Surprise! I mean, it’s got milk chocolate, white chocolate AND a toy inside! It really doesn’t get any better than that.

The Germans also created Ritter Sport! The chocolate is so rich, and so flavorful. And with so many varieties, you’ll never get bored!

Did I convince you to visit Germany? You might be interested in these trips:

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Simply Italy, Simply Amazing

Want the scoop on the Simply Italy itinerary?  Kelley Last breaks it down day by day in her Contiki travelogue!

Guest post travelogue by Kelley Last, Contiki traveler


My husband and I took our first Contiki tour in 2008. It was the “Simply Italy” itinerary and we absolutely loved it. We had such a great time and fell in love with Contiki. I had been to Europe before, but neither one of us really seen much of Italy. This two-week trip was perfect for us and we highly recommend it.

We started the trip in Rome, but headed down to Sorrento on our first day.  Sorrento was gorgeous. It’s right on the Amalfi Coast, and the cliffs against the Mediterranean Sea were breathtaking.


Before we explored Sorrento, we opted to do a tour of Pompeii. For me, this was an absolute highlight. To see an ancient Roman village as it was thousands of years ago was just incredible. It is not to be missed. I could have walked around for hours and hours. So many areas to explore. We had a great tour and we were sad when it was over. The guides are fantastic and really bring the history to life.

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Getting the Right Gear

Now that summer is heating up, it’s time to grab the best gear for your next Contiki!  Our guest blogger, Kelley Last, shares her list of favorite travel gear to give you some inspiration on what you should pack.


While you don’t need to run out and spend hundreds of dollars on top of the line travel gear, it is important that you pick up a few essential items before your big trip. Getting the accessories that are right for you will help you stay organized and enjoy a hassle-free vacation. Here’s my list of some of my favorite travel gear.

1.) The Right Suitcase
On my first Contiki tour, I showed up with a ginormous red suitcase that was almost as tall as me. I learned the hard way that huge bags are NOT a good idea. Traveling light is always the way to go. I had a tough time dragging my huge bag over cobblestone streets and up flights of stairs in hotels. Also, with airplane weight restrictions now, there is no benefit to a big bag since you can’t really fill up too much anyways.  I also recommend one with wheels and a soft casing (easier to stack them on the bus). Trust me, heavy suitcases and long walks do NOT go well together. Don’t forget tiny locks too.

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