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ANAHEIM, Calif., November 2010 Contiki Vacations, the leader in fun travel packages for 18-35 year olds, is pleased to announce the launch of the 2011 Europe Summer brochure.

The brochure is available in print and online at, and offers up 38 countries, 76 tours and cruises including a brand new trip, 72 World Heritage sites, and five different ways to travel.  Traveler favorites are back and better than ever, including the European Discovery, Italian Espresso, and Egypt and the Nile trips. New to the gang is the Turkey and Greek Island Odyssey, an 11-day adventure to some of the most scenic and historical spots on the planet including Istanbul, Pamukkale, and fantastic Greek islands Rhodes, Santorini, and Crete.

 The brochure and have been beefed up for the new season, including printed QR codes linking to YouTube videos and unique online tools that make the Contiki experience easier to visualize. now offers the Tour Genius, a cool feature that asks simple questions matches you to your ideal Contiki tours. For more information, visit To ring in the brochure launch, Contiki is offering $175 off land-tours nine days or longer in Europe or Egypt. The promotion begins November 16 and is available through November 30, 2010. To find out more info and score the promotion details, visit

The $175 off will come in handy for travelers who want to wine taste or shop in France, cruise the canals on an old-school gondola in Venice, sample local specialties in Germany (mostly beer), and climb up ancient pyramids in Egypt. “One of the many great advantages of going Contiki is that we take care of the heavy lifting for you – transportation, accommodations, and most meals” says Greg Fischbein, President of Contiki Vacations. “You get to do what you came to do – have the time of your life experiencing the world” Contiki clients can choose from several types of tours including multi-country, in-depth regional, and special departures for events and festivals including Oktoberfest.

About Contiki
Contiki has helped students and young professionals travel to the world’s most fantastic destinations for over 45 years. The trips are hassle-free and include the perfect mix of sightseeing, culture and free time.  Choose from over 190 itineraries throughout Europe, Russia, Egypt, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada & the USA. For more information, visit

Meet the President! Bio: Greg “Fish” Fischbein

Bio: Greg “Fish” Fischbein, President Contiki Holidays US

Greg is an innovator in brand-building for companies connecting with the Gen X/Gen Y audience.  He joined Contiki in 2008 and brings a wealth of experience in cultivating the 18-35 year old demographic.  In his early years, “Fish” created the Entertainment Marketing department for Vans shoes to increase brand visibility and identity through entertainment channels.  He was ground-floor for the Vans Warped Tour, one of the most successful music tours in U.S. history.  Moving to dot-com, Fischbein built the avant-garde and profitable music division for, an online book retailer for college students.  He implemented a character-based sales strategy that represented the authentic voice of the consumer associated with each musical genre.  He later co-founded Fast Forward Events, Inc., a cutting-edge youth marketing agency.  Spanning a variety of industries, his company crafted winning online campaigns and ultimately built one of the largest Gen X/Gen Y databases in America.  Greg sold FFWD in 2007.

His formative years were spent in Eureka, Ca. in the forests of Humboldt County.  Emerging years later, Greg was a member of the infamous Beta Theta Pi fraternity at UCLA.  His education continued at Southwestern School of Law, where to the dismay of his parents, he left after his first year to pursue a business idea at a shoe company.  An unapologetic Oakland Raiders fan, “Fish” currently lives the good life with his wife and son in southern California.

Guest Post: Top 6 Reasons You Should Book with a Travel Agent

By Mark Junette 

1. TIME & COST EFFECTIVE: If you don’t have a lot of time to spare on research or piecemeal trip arrangements, seeing an agent is time and cost effective.

  • “I think the best benefit ever is that the Travel Agent works for FREE!!!  You don’t have to pay them, how awesome is that?!  They work for you, they are a goldmine of information, they can assist you if you have any issue at destination, they take care of everything to insure that you have a carefree vacation and you don’t have to pay them…let me say that again FOR FREE!!!” – Melissa Beland-Roy, Regional Sales Manager, West


2. THEY TALK THE TALK: Want to know how much a trip is “supposed” to cost? How about where the deals are, or if you’re getting taken for a ride on price? What about which vaccinations or visas you might need? Travel agents have tons of product and value knowledge – they are real insiders to the travel industry.

  • “My friend booked her honeymoon package directly and then when I asked my travel agent about the package she told me that she could have booked the same thing, for the same price but could have upgraded her because she has a relationship with the hotel!  Travel agents have the hook ups!” – Kari Simpson, Regional Sales Manager, Southwest


3. THEY WALK THE WALK: They know when deals are coming up, can secure the fastest routes to take, and have the hookups to make sure you get the best value. They are educated on the various products offered, and are generally well traveled – meaning they can lend personal insights and share stories about their experiences traveling to certain countries.

  • “Everybody wants to find the best deals!  We will search the internet, navigate throughout millions of sites and compare them all to find the savings but….it’s very time consuming and in the end you are more confuse than anything else.  Your Travel Agent works with all the different companies out there and they are the first one to be notified when the new discounts and promotions comes out. They will save you time and money by packaging the best price for you!” – Melissa Beland-Roy, Regional Sales Manager, West


4. IT’S A REAL PERSON! They can help you maneuver your way out of a jam easily, and be there when you need them if something happens.

  • “When travelers book their trips through a travel agent, that agent can act on their behalf should something unexpected happen.  That’s massively reassuring, knowing someone has your back. They also have access to specials/discounts and other unpublished benefits.” – Josh Mahon, Regional Sales Manager, Northeast


5. THEY WANT YOU TO HAVE THE BEST VACATION! They will have different options to choose from, with everything from price, destination, length, and so much more.

  • “Sometimes, especially for first time travelers, we want to go a place because someone we know went there, but the destination or type of vacation just doesn’t fit our needs.   We believe that’s we want but we don’t really know what’s out there. A Travel Agent will help you chose the perfect type of vacation and the perfect destination for you.  There are so many different products out there and what is perfect for me is probably not the ideal vacation for you – but your Travel Agent will ask you questions and help you find your way to the perfect getaway.” – Jennifer DiMucci-Yost, Regional Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic


6. VACATION! WE ALL NEED IT, SO… It’s the usually the all-encompassing reason we decide to go for it and take one:  stress (a.k.a. or you’re not having enough fun and decide to go get some).

  • “It’s amazing how much time people will waste on every, single, little detail; freaked-out they’ll miss something or pay too much or (yikes!) guess the answers. A travel agent, who has been doing this for years for thousands of other travelers, can do all the work for you for free. That’s a tremendous benefit more people should take advantage of; give the travel agent some ideas on where, when, and how much you want to spend – they’ll come back with a playlist of options to pick from.  I think some people feel if they book with a travel agent it costs more, which isn’t true, and so many others have found that a travel agent’s expertise can get them right on track for a stress-free experience, even before they leave on their dream trip!” -Mark Junette, VP of Sales