Introducing Adventurer & Filmmaker Céline Cousteau, Contiki’s Sustainability Partner!

In celebration of Earth Month 2011, Contiki is excited to announce our partnership with environmentalist, adventurer and world explorer, Céline Cousteau. Céline is the granddaughter of world renowned Jacques Cousteau and the daughter of ocean explorer and filmmaker, Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Contiki has joined forces with Cousteau to help further educate our travelers and team about environmental issues, particularly marine ecosystems. For the next three years,

Céline Cousteau will interact with travelers through our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter), as well as through video updates on Contiki’s website and our YouTube channel.  We are united through our common goals for sustainable conservation and ocean advocacy, and we are excited to work with her guidance to continue building on the achievements of our current Conservation Foundation projects.

This year, Contiki supports two projects involved in the critical task of marine protection. From contributing to young environmentalists in their hands-on work protecting the world’s second largest barrier reef via the Mesoamerican Reef Leadership program to funding Oceana‘s valuable research work in the Mediterranean.

398_x_600_carrie-vonderhaar-v1568-nologoAs an ‘oceanaut’, Céline Cousteau’s frequent global travels have seen her embarking on expeditions to the Peruvian Amazon, following the grey whale migration from Baja, California to Alaska and researching shark species on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. She is a passionate spokesperson and expedition member for her father’s non-profit organization, Ocean Futures Society, whose mission is to educate responsible citizens and to raise awareness about ocean protection. Cousteau has hosted ocean documentaries for both PBS and The Discovery Channel.


Find out more information about our partnership with Céline Cousteau at

Seeing the World & Protecting Its Heritage

The Great Barrier Reef

Happy Earth Day, Contiki fans!  We’ve been talking fashion all week long (a hot topic for travelers, we know!) and we’ve got plenty more to talk about in weeks to come as you prepare for your summer trips! But let’s take a moment to remind you of what you’re packing to see – many of the wonders that the world has to offer!

Did you know?  Contiki is committed to responsible travel and is a founding partner at the non-profit The Travel Corporation Conservation Foundation.  Travel is about discovering more of your world and experiencing other cultures. You want to see the stuff that matters and get the most out of your travels.  Heard of the UNESCO World Heritage List?  Contiki covers over 100 UNESCO World Heritage sites on our itineraries worldwide – because we know these places have a reputation for being some of the most amazing sites on Earth, and these cultural and natural sites are preserved and safeguarded for future generations – ones we know you want to see!  Some examples of World Heritage Sites include Vietnam’s Halong Bay, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and even the works of architect Antoni Gaudí in Spain.

What are some of your favorite UNESCO World Heritage sites that you have visited?