Getting the Right Gear

Now that summer is heating up, it’s time to grab the best gear for your next Contiki!  Our guest blogger, Kelley Last, shares her list of favorite travel gear to give you some inspiration on what you should pack.


While you don’t need to run out and spend hundreds of dollars on top of the line travel gear, it is important that you pick up a few essential items before your big trip. Getting the accessories that are right for you will help you stay organized and enjoy a hassle-free vacation. Here’s my list of some of my favorite travel gear.

1.) The Right Suitcase
On my first Contiki tour, I showed up with a ginormous red suitcase that was almost as tall as me. I learned the hard way that huge bags are NOT a good idea. Traveling light is always the way to go. I had a tough time dragging my huge bag over cobblestone streets and up flights of stairs in hotels. Also, with airplane weight restrictions now, there is no benefit to a big bag since you can’t really fill up too much anyways.  I also recommend one with wheels and a soft casing (easier to stack them on the bus). Trust me, heavy suitcases and long walks do NOT go well together. Don’t forget tiny locks too.

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