Having Your Cake and Eating it Too While Abroad

After guest blogger Kelley Last took us on a Round-the-World Chocolate tour, we decided to do a round-up of some of the delicious non-chocolate treats that you can find around the world.  The U.S. has seen a surge in the gourmet cupcake trend, but the world is filled with sugary confections just waiting to be devoured.  Our palates seem to be open to so many different types of cakes, cookies, and confections while we’re traveling.  Feast your eyes on five of the following sweet treats from around the world and let us know if we missed your favorites!


Ahh, the egg custard tart.  With a flaky crust, and a sweet custard filling that is burnt a la creme brulee, these Portuguese delights can be found not only in Europe, but also flooding the streets in China!

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