Fan Photos of the Week: The Grand Adventurer & Ocean to Outback

This week’s fan (jumping) photos come from Lina Tovbis, hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!  She captured this first one while traveling on Contiki’s Grand Adventurer….

Ole Schumann (Germany) and Lina Tovbis (Canada)

Lina grabbed more friends on her Contiki Ocean to Outback tour to capture this great photo!

Lindsay Cooper (Canada), Lina Tovbis (Canada), Megan Kent (USA), and Rebecca Dean (New Zealand)

Thanks for the great photos!  Remember Contiki fans, you can always submit your photos to PR[at]Contiki[dot]com and your photos might be featured next!

Fan Photos of the Week: Reaching for the Sky

Here’s our third series of jumping photos from our Contiki fans, as they travel all over the world and prove that jumping isn’t just fun – it’s an art form!  Check it out!

Valerie C. from Atlanta, GA, sent in two photos of her jumping during her June 2010 Contiki European Discovery tour!  Great form Valerie!

and a bonus photo of her in front of the Sydney Opera House

Jennifer P. from Washington D.C. with her friend Deanna getting mad ups on their August 19th European Magic tour!

Laura G., from Los Angeles, CA, also went on the European Magic back in July and jumped for joy at St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy.  So bright and colorful!

Michelle H. and her friends Katie and Casey enjoyed Contiki’s Big IndoChina Adventure and came back with this awesome photo of the three girls jumping in Nha Trang, Vietnam while they drank jam jars at The Sailing Club on August 23, 2011!

We take silly photos, funny poses, more jumping shots, or any scenic photos you want to share on Contiki’s blog.  Email PR[at]Contiki[dot]com for more details!  Thanks for being awesome, Contiki fans!

Fan Photos of the Week: Travel Makes Me Wanna Jump Jump!

Our Contiki fans did it again!  One series of fan photos wasn’t enough to contain all the energy that you travelers have bursting inside you… so here we go!  Round 2 of our Jumping Photo series.. all around the world!


Melissa B. from Farmingdale, NJ

Looking like she’s suspended above ground in San Sebastian, Spain

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Fan Photos of the Week: Jumping All Over The World

Last Friday we posted two photos of Contiki staff with some mad ups and jumping for joy!  We asked our Contiki fans to send in photos of them jumping all over the world.. and here’s what we got!  Some of you even sent in multiple photos!  Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo.  Check it out!

From Landon S. & his friend Trevor in San Francisco, CA

A great jumping shot on the Great Wall in Beijing, China

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