Travel Tip Tuesday: Protecting Your Identity

We’ve all heard of the scenario:  You’re traveling and you reach for your passport in your bag… and it’s gone.  You’ve lost your only means of identification and all of a sudden, you can’t prove that You are You!  Imagine the frustration you feel when you lose your ID card or passport abroad – or even worse, your credit or debit cards.  All of a sudden, your vacation becomes a naycation – no fun!

Today’s Travel Tip Tuesday shed some light on ways to protect you from identify theft so you can have the vacation of a lifetime with none of the worry!

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Traveling Internationally with the iPhone

If you’re like many of us, you can’t travel without bringing your iPhone with you.  It’s a handy camera, keeps you connected with all of your friends, and can be a great tool if you get lost in a city you’re not familiar in.

Today’s Travel Tip Tuesday comes from a new guest blogger who recently traveled on a Contiki Europe trip.  Check out his tried and true tips for those of you looking to bring Apple abroad. (Sorry Android users! We’ll have tips of your next time!)

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Travel Tip Tuesday: High Altitude – The Air Up There

Tara S., Operations Supervisor for our Latin America product, traveled to Peru and encountered some our most frequently asked questions about visiting the country: How will the high altitude affect me?  What can I do to combat altitude sickness?  Will I have difficulty breathing when I visit Machu Picchu?

Check out Tara’s tried and true advice on combating altitude sickness!

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Luggage Know-How for Your Contiki

It’s the age-old traveler question because it can make a huge difference what decision you make:  What type of luggage do I pack for a Contiki?

You  remember that we broke down the pros and cons of a suitcase vs. backpack but we know that there are more questions about luggage:  What dimensions do I need? How heavy can my luggage be?  Fear not!  We’re here to answer all your luggage questions… check it out!

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