Travel Tip Tuesday: Collective Photo Sharing

Picture Taking When you travel with Contiki, you’re making new friends from around the world – and chances are, you’ll be making guest appearances in many of their photos (and vice versa for them in yours!)  How do you get your hands on these memorable moments?  Here’s a few tips on ways to make sure that you have a snapshot from the perspective of your favorite travelers!

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Keep Your Data Safe

phoneIn this digital age, we’re using our smartphones more to capture our travel moments, get emergency weather and travel alerts, and we’re transferring all this data about ourselves through the world wide web.

We want to make sure you’re protecting yourself and maintaining your privacy even when you’re abroad!  Follow these handy tips so you’ll never have to worry about someone hacking your Facebook status (or – all kidding aside – get all your sensitive information.)


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