Follow Your Favorite YouTubers: The Contiki RoadTrip 2014 Kicks Off in Barcelona


Today’s the day!

The RoadTrip, powered by Contiki, is back for a third year and this time, 13 of the world’s hottest YouTubers will be cruising down the European Riviera on Contiki’s Mediterranean Highlights tour.  The first RoadTrip began in Europe and last year, YouTubers took over Australia.  Now they’re back in Europe and it’s even more exciting!

Kicking off today in sunny Barcelona and culminating with a massive fan meet-up in London, The RoadTrip ( takes 13 of the world’s biggest YouTube stars on a Contiki trip through the European Riviera, creating a daily video series highlighting their experiences as they explore the continent’s diverse cultures and iconic sights. Along the way, the YouTubers take part in fast-paced and highly competitive RoadTrip Challenges to battle it out against each other and win Contiki trips for their fans.

The trip wraps up with a FREE Gathering in London on August 3rd, giving lucky fans the chance to meet their favourite YouTubers, take some snaps and win some awesome prizes throughout the day. To register for the Gathering, fans can head to and get ready for once-in-a-lifetime photo ops with YouTubers like Joey Graceffa, Jesse and Jeana from Prank vs. Prank, and even the face of our #EmptyTheBucket campaign, Justin James Hughes!

Are your favorites on The Roadtrip this year?  Visit for more information, subscribe to Contiki’s YouTube channel to follow all the action, and follow the hashtag #RoadTrip14!

Travel Tip Tuesday: Charge Your Phone Before You Fly

phoneIt has become standard practice to bring your cell phone with you on international trips – there are selfies you need to take, music to listen to on the long flight, and travel apps you can use to organize your trip, right? Well if you haven’t heard the news,  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced on Sunday that they will begin to ban battery-dead cell phones on certain international flights back to the United States.   That means, if you plan on returning home and your cell phone battery is dead (and you can’t prove that it can turn on), the TSA can confiscate your phone.  So charge your phone before you fly!

How can you prevent this from happening?

For starters, you can charge your device prior to getting to the airport. If all your electronics are fully charged, you won’t have any problems showing TSA that your device is working properly if you are questioned about it. Having fully charged electronics also helps when you are at an airport and your fellow passengers have hogged all of the available electrical outlets – yes, even in the ones in the bathroom!

I’ve been sightseeing all day! My battery is on 10% – I didn’t get a chance to charge!

We know that there will be times that you won’t have a chance to fully charge your device before you get to the airport.  Maybe you’ve been sightseeing prior to your flight home and you’ve been snapping pics and making phone calls.  It makes sense to bring your cell phone charger in your carry-on so if you need to add some juice, you can try your luck at finding an outlet.  Just make sure if you’re at an international airport, that you have a travel adapter (most cell phone chargers have built-in voltage converters, so just make sure your plug fits into the international outlet!)

What if you can’t find an outlet at the airport?

If you’re traveling with multiple devices, a travel hack to get some juice back in your phone is to plug in your USB charger to your laptop. If you fully charge a device that you know you won’t be using until you get on the plane (and whose battery won’t drain quickly), you can use your laptop as an outlet and get some charge into your phone.  Try turning your phone on airplane mode when charging - this will stop any data-reliant programs running in the background of your device and may help your phone charge a bit faster too.  Most airplanes have charging outlets and you can get a full charge on your laptop and other devices before you return home.


What are your travel hacks to have a fully-charged phone when traveling abroad?  Tell us in the comments!


Show Off Your Home State for Independence Day 2014!

0351AMER2014Calling all Americans!

Team USA may not have advanced in the World Cup this past week, but there’s still plenty of red, white, and blue spirit to go around.  As Fourth of July approaches tomorrow, Contiki wants to share the love as we reveal new dates and rates for Contiki trips all throughout many of the nifty fifty American states.  That’s not all – we’re going to be celebrating all month long – not just tomorrow.

We want to know where our Contiki fans come from all over the country and we want to see what makes your home state the place to be this summer.  Tagging @Contiki_US on Twitter and using hashtag #ContikiHometown (feel free to use it on Instagram too!) we want to know the hot spots of your stomping grounds.  From the sandy beaches in Southern California, the unique craft brewery in Portland, or even your favorite sandwich shop in North Carolina – we want to see photos of what makes your home state so great!

Contiki Beats by DreEven cooler?  You’ll get the chance to win a set of Contiki’s Beats by Dre headphones* – all for sharing one pic!

Let’s make sure our July is chock full of amazing pride for this amazing place we call home.

Need an example!  Check out the post from our Marketing & Content Coordinator Christy, who hails from Lake Arrowhead, CA!

Wishing you an amazing Fourth of July! 

* Please note, this promotion is only valid for U.S. residents.

Help Contiki Sponsor a Sea Turtle in Costa Rica Today!

Storytelling has the powerful ability to inspire change. So, we have released an inspiring new campaign video for our recent Earth Month adventure to Costa Rica. Featuring a group of 12 young storytellers from around the world, this short film highlights the newest Contiki Cares partnership with The Sea Turtle Conservancy, weaving a tale of conservation, adventure, and the privilege that young travelers have to give back to the places they travel to.

Contiki had pledged to sponsor a turtle as each 250,000 view benchmark is reached. The sponsorship funds will be in addition to the turtle Contiki is already sponsoring in the Tour de Turtles, an annual event in which researchers track the migration of sea turtles in order to better understand their nesting habits.   These sea turtles aren’t mutants and certainly aren’t ninjas that can fend for themselves – so you can do your part to help protect these endangered animals!

Sea Turtle underwater

Help us help them. Be 1 of 250,000 people making a difference.

We need your views — 250,000 of them to be exact. Every single view of this video will go towards making a difference to the life of a sea turtle. We pledge that if we hit 250,000 views, we’ll sponsor another turtle.

A good storyteller can help save the planet. During Earth Month 2014, Contiki sent 12 storytellers to Costa Rica to visit Contiki Cares partner, The Sea Turtle Conservancy & share the important work researchers are doing their to protect our planet’s biodiversity.

This is their story.