Thoughtful Thursday: Are You Creatively Constipated?

0166EURS2013Do you feel like your creativity has been stifled?  You want to share your travel experiences in a unique way but you don’t know how to express yourself – do you hop on Instagram, write a long blog post, or just post witty remarks on Facebook?  Sometimes we get caught up in this creative rut and don’t know how to get yourselves out!

In this week’s edition of “Thoughtful Thursday”, Christine Hassler explores the idea of ‘creative constipation’ and what you can do to combat this.  Read on!

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Guest Post: My Adventure on Contiki’s Asian Adventure

Guest Blog Post by Lesley Siu, editor-in-chief of Her Campus American

I always said Asia would be my next adventure. After completing a summer internship in Australia and a semester studying in Europe, it was next on my travel to-do list. With the help of Her Campus and Contiki, I finally did make it to Asia—Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, to be exact.

As the editor-in-chief of Her Campus American, I wrote a series of travel articles for Her Campus and Contiki’s TravelHER contest. By writing and sharing my posts “No Regrets: Top 5 Reasons You Should Travel Now,” “How to Document Your Travels” and “Chic Travel Essentials,” I was chosen as the winner of a Contiki tour and airfare credit for two!

So on August 30, my friend Kelsey and I set out for Southeast Asia to spend two weeks on the Asian Adventure tour.


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Thoughtful Thursday: Do You Have The Guts to Say What You Need to Say?

0959EURS2013Do you come across instances in your life where you wish you had spoken up?  Often times, you may fall into ‘group think’ and follow the crowd when you really wanted to stand up to your friends and tell them you want to do something differently – like taking a different ME Time optional or turning in early for the night.

Check out this week’s Thoughtful Thursday to find out how you can get the guts to say what you need to say.

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Motivation Monday: Experience Latin America with SundayFundayz

Last month, the guys from SundayFundayz showcased their Latin Adventure through a series of videos showcasing the adventure, the taste, and all the epic experiences that traveling with Contiki is all about.  They’ve compiled the footage into this amazing overview of the Latin America trip and if this doesn’t get you itching to head down to Peru, Brazil, and Argentina, we don’t know what will!  Check it out!

If you want to relive each SundayFundayz video adventure, check out their Contiki Latin videos here!