Coming Soon: “No Regrets” – A Furiginal

noregretsLast year, Contiki proudly became a prize provider for the YOMYOMF Network’s first season of Internet Icon, a competition show looking for the next big YouTube star, hosted by YouTuber Chester See, with head judge and YouTube star Ryan Higa at the helm.

One of the finalists of Internet Icon – The Fu Music – recently went on Contiki’s Sweet As South tour (read their Contiki interview here!) – and starting tomorrow, they’re launching their first video featuring Contiki and their new “furiginal” song, No Regrets.

We’re huge fans of The Fu Music and we hope that you visit their YouTube channel, subscribe, and check out this video tomorrow!  Also, they will have travel photos featured on!

Contiki Tour Manager Spotlight: Who is Jack Larsen?

jcklrsnWhen you’re a Contiki tour manager, you hit the road with a group of 50 new friends and show them a world different – or maybe quite similar – to one they are accustomed to. They are the person who can point you to the best food, a great place to find souvenirs, or take care of any issues you experience when you are on tour.

Contiki is launching a brand new series spotlighting Contiki tour managers, and this week, we want to know:  Who is Jack Larsen?  Find out more!

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Announcing the first winner of Contiki & O’Neill’s #ONeillSurfTrip contest!

ONeillSurfTrip Winner #1Congratulations to Instagram user @chrismendonca for tagging this photo with #ONeillsurftrip on Instagram.  She is the first winner of Contiki & O’Neill Girls’ #ONeillsurfTrip Instagram/Twitter contest!

That 5’8″ surfboard looks like the perfect thing to pack for Costa Rica!  You are the lucky recipient of an O’Neill beach vacation bag!


Don’t fret!  There’s still THREE more chances to win win an O’Neill Beach Vacation Bag!


What’s the first thing you’d pack for your Costa Rica travels? Post a photo of your must-have item on Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #ONeillSurfTrip for your chance to win an O’Neill Beach Vacation Bag which includes a beach bag, flip flops, and a T-shirt*

*Based on availability


Important note for private profile users of Instagram!  If you tag your photo with #ONeillSurfTrip but you have a private profile, Contiki can’t see it.

You can still enter!  You don’t have to change your privacy settings – just tweet your photo to @Contiki_US and we’ll make sure it’s in the running for the next three drawings!

Also – be sure to enter Contiki & O’Neill’s “Malia and Kiana Do Costa Rica with Contiki” sweepstakes for YOUR chance to win a Contiki Costa Rica trip! Please note: You MUST be a resident of the United States to enter.

Good luck!