Thoughtful Thursday: When Life Dishes out Disappointment

There are many times that things don’t always work out for you – perhaps when you’re traveling, the museum you’ve been dying to see was closed or you missed an opportunity to take that iconic photo in front of the Eiffel Tower.  Maybe your friends bailed on you at the last minute on a trip you’d been planning for months.  This week, Christine Hassler explores how to deal when life dishes out disappointment.

Guest Blog Post by Christine Hassler

I recently gathered with three of my best most amazing girlfriends for a dinner meeting to discuss a project we’re collaborating on. Soon we realized there was a fifth guest at our table: disappointment. Our business agenda was scraped as we realized our plates were already full of something else. We spent the evening navigating through our disappointment and I walked away so grateful for friends with the awareness, willingness, compassion and courage to deal with what was on our menu for the evening. I want to share about how we supported each other just in case you are dealing with disappointment or perhaps know someone who could use a little support with theirs.

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Contiki Travel Guide on FabFitFun!

Have you checked out the Contiki Travel Guide that launched last week on FabFitFun?  We rounded up 7 of the hottest destinations to visit come summertime, from the peaks of Machu Picchu to the blazing hot beaches of Thailand.  There is sure to be a destination that calls to you, and you’ll discover two fab, two fit, and two fun things to do in every location!

Also, tomorrow is the deadline to enter a sweepstakes to win a free Italian Espresso Contiki, where you’ll visit Giuliana Rancic’s home country!  Go to for more details!  Good luck!

Guest Post: Peru: “It’s not wrong… it’s just different”

Ever since we launched our new 2012-2014 Latin America brochure, Peru has become one of the most-coveted destinations to visit by our Contiki passengers.  Guest blogger Roop Gill just returned from her Peru adventure with Contiki, and she’s here to share why South America isn’t “wrong… it’s just different!”

Guest Blog Post by Roop Gill, Contiki traveler

Before you leave your home country for South America, everyone will give you some fair warnings. My travel junkie friends who have been to South America mostly told me to prepare myself for two things – they said 1) it’s very different than anything else and 2) you’ll love it!

I recently got back from travelling around Peru with Contiki and yes, it was different than anywhere else I have ever been with Contiki, but at the same time, I totally loved it!

As soon as you meet your Contiki crew, you quickly realize that it’s not going to be anything like Euro-hopping. For starters, my Tour Manager wasn’t an Aussie dude (that’s a first for all the Contikis I have done). In fact, our lovely Tour Manager, Gaby, was a Peruvian from Cusco who spoke both Spanish and Quechua (the language spoken in many parts of the Andes). Having a Peruvian manager was a huge asset because not only could she translate and communicate for us, but she was also very passionate about sharing her culture with us.

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Contiki Weekly Buzz: May 1, 2012

Happy May Day! It’s a new month and the words “summer vacation” are beginning to cross our lips and we’re hitting the gym, saving those rainy day pennies, and making preparations to make Summer 2012 one of the best ever.  This week’s Contiki Weekly Buzz has travelers preparing for trips that are happening in Europe this summer, or returning from Australia/New Zealand trips, where it was summer down under!

Also, we just celebrated our 50th birthday, and so we’re giving away 5 trips over the next 5 days.  Go to for more details.  Now on to the buzz!

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