Dive the Mesoamerican Reef with Celine Cousteau!

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In honor of Earth Week, Contiki launched an amazing opportunity for two lucky winners:  Enter to become a Contiki R:evolve Leader – You could get a trip to Mexico on Contiki’s Yucatan Highlights AND dive the Mesoamerican Reef with Contiki’s Sustainability Partner, Celine Cousteau!

How to Enter:

Tell Contiki what change you’ll be making in honor of  Earth Week – you can either tweet your idea to #contikichange or you can fill out the entry form on Facebook.  Winners will be announced during Earth Week on April 16th, and they will be whisked away to Mexico to dive the Mesoamerican Reef with Celine AND be a part of a short film in support of our cause partner, The MAR Leadership Program.

Entries are accepted until April 6th, 2012.  Enter now!

Thoughtful Thursday: The Only Quick Fix that REALLY Works

Happy Thursday!  We hope everyone has had a good week – sometimes you find yourself in a funk and you can’t seem to break away.  Refocus your mind and energy and read this blog post by Christine Hassler to discover what quick fix really works to get you clear-minded and ready to take on the rest of the week.

Guest Blog Post by Christine Hassler

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Gandhi

Feeling kind of funky? Finding yourself immersed in the drama of your own life despite your desire not to be? I have a quick fix for you.  Now, I don’t believe in many quick fixes because usually they are temporary and based in escapism. However there is one quick fix that I subscribe to for de-funking because it always works AND if done over time, creates lasting positive change.

Ready for the quick fix recipe?  Here it is: Being of Service.

The best way to shift out of negative and ego based thinking is to stop thinking about yourself! The instant you start thinking about how you can uplift others, you’ll soon find yourself in your heart and out of your head.

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FDLFNT Contest: Jerri’s First Trip Abroad

Only a little over a week left until the April 8th deadline for the Friends Don’t Let Friends Not Travel contest from our friends at Do It While You’re Young (DIWYY).  DIWYY co-founder Jerri Stephenson shares her first trip abroad in our series of FDLFNT stories.  Nominate your friend and let them create their own story!


Guest Post by Jerri Stephenson, co-founder of DIWYY

“Is the fog in London really ‘thick as pea soup?’” my best friend from back home in Texas, Rose, asked me in an email.

“Yes, yes it is!” I replied. But in all honesty, I had not seen any fog during my summer long study abroad in Oxford, England.

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Guest Post: What’s the best trip for you?

With over 200 different itineraries to choose from, which Contiki trip is right for you?  There are so many options, plus all the festivals, day trips, and special occasions that could amplify your trip.  Are you a jetsetter, a foodie, or just a history buff?  Our guest blogger Roop Gill covers off some basics about pairing your interests with the best trip for you!

Guest Post by Roop Gill, Contiki traveler

Waterproof windbreaker – check

Hiking boots – check

Spanish-English dictionary – check

So damn excited I can’t wait for it to be end of March already – double check

In less than one week, I will be on a plane from Toronto to Lima to begin my third Contiki, the Inca Panorama. Hiking, white water rafting, Amazon animal spotting and so many other outdoor adventures await me. I can’t wait to be sore from all the trekking in high altitude and hot and humid in the Amazon jungle.

But when I talk to many friends at home, they don’t quite get why I find that type of travel exciting. I don’t quite get why they want to spend a whole week on a super touristy resort in the Caribbean instead of feeding llamas in the Andes.

That leads me into this month’s travel advice topic of how to choose what type of travel adventure is best for you.

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