Fan Photos of the Week: The Grand Adventurer & Ocean to Outback

This week’s fan (jumping) photos come from Lina Tovbis, hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!  She captured this first one while traveling on Contiki’s Grand Adventurer….

Ole Schumann (Germany) and Lina Tovbis (Canada)

Lina grabbed more friends on her Contiki Ocean to Outback tour to capture this great photo!

Lindsay Cooper (Canada), Lina Tovbis (Canada), Megan Kent (USA), and Rebecca Dean (New Zealand)

Thanks for the great photos!  Remember Contiki fans, you can always submit your photos to PR[at]Contiki[dot]com and your photos might be featured next!

What’s New, Buenos Aires?

“What’s new Buenos Aires? I’m new, I just wanna say I’m a little stuck on you, you’ll be on me too…” – From the Broadway musical “Evita”

Sometimes, all your travel plans won’t go exactly as planned.  Flights may be canceled, delayed, or you’ll realize that even with the most detailed planning in your logistics, things can fall through and it is out of your control.  I didn’t get the chance to visit Iguassu Falls in Brazil as originally planned, but I did get to spend another wonderful afternoon in Cusco, and an evening in Lima instead Brazil.  Then, bright and early the following morning, our group took a 4-hour flight from Lima to Buenos Aires, and you immediately knew that the scenery was going to be different.

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Cusco: The land of art, architecture, and guinea pigs

Contrary to popular belief, the city of Cusco lies at a higher elevation point than the peaks of Machu Picchu, prompting the likely possibility of suffering from altitude sickness at a whopping 12,000 feet elevation above sea level.  As a person who didn’t get sick on this particular trip, the only advice I can really dish out would be:  drink lots of fluids – mostly water.  I had packets of Airborne to drink with my water before we boarded every flight or bus, which made the mundane task of drinking water a bit more enjoyable since it’s fizzy and berry flavored.  Will that work for everyone? Probably not, but it’s worth a shot. [Read more...]