New experiences await in Europe this summer!

We are only a few months out of Summer 2011 and we are already excited to launch our brand new 2012-2013 Summer Europe brochure. Hooray!

With the 2012 Olympics in London, more people have their eye on celebrating in Europe and Contiki has you covered.  It’s pretty exciting to think that next year, you can feel the rush of adrenaline in Pamplona, Spain, during the annual Running of the Bulls, or raise a Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.  There’s an experience for everyone, and I’ve got my eye on  toasting the New Year in Paris!

We just launched our Easy Pace option as well – a more in-depth visit to many of the places you love – with later start times and 2, even 3-night stays in many destinations.

We’ve also made it easier for you to spread out those payments (or get those friends and family members of yours to chip in!) Introducting Contiki Part Pay – a pay-as-you-go payment option that lets you register your tour and send a link to friends and family to let them pay part of the tour for you!  Which makes it easier for you to get to Europe and spy on Prince William and Kate Middleton, yeah? See you there!

October 16 is World Food Day

Seems like food is on everyone’s mind…maybe we should rename this Food Friday?  Over at Gadling, the AOL travel blog, this whole week has been dedicated to food and they published a gallery of foods from around the world – submitted by people like you.  Check out the reader submissions:  Food Week: Reader submissions

So this post is dedicated to the food that we’re enjoying here at the Contiki offices!

Fall Foods Potluck

Contiki ushered in the Fall season with a Fall Foods potluck!  Everything from Muddy Buddies (Chex cereal mixed with melted chocolate and powdered sugar), fried chicken, and pumpkin pie graced the Contiki halls and we were more than happy to dive in and indulge in those comforting eats.

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Taking Europe By Night

Here’s a the latest guest post about the magic of Europe when the sun goes down, written by Kelley Last!  She and her husband recently returned from Contiki’s Eastern Road trip, their fourth Contiki!


As the sun begins to set, the tourists retreat to their hotels and street vendors shut down their stalls for the night. That’s when Europe becomes the most magical to me. There is something about seeing a medieval city lit up at night and abandoned by the masses that pulls me in every time. I crave those moments when we have entire city centers to ourselves, so we can explore, photograph and experience them without distraction.

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