October 16 is World Food Day

Seems like food is on everyone’s mind…maybe we should rename this Food Friday?  Over at Gadling, the AOL travel blog, this whole week has been dedicated to food and they published a gallery of foods from around the world – submitted by people like you.  Check out the reader submissions:  Food Week: Reader submissions

So this post is dedicated to the food that we’re enjoying here at the Contiki offices!

Fall Foods Potluck

Contiki ushered in the Fall season with a Fall Foods potluck!  Everything from Muddy Buddies (Chex cereal mixed with melted chocolate and powdered sugar), fried chicken, and pumpkin pie graced the Contiki halls and we were more than happy to dive in and indulge in those comforting eats.

October Fruit of the MonthPears!

Every month, the Travel Corporation features an exotic fruit of the month and shares a slice with the offices.  In the past, we’ve had rambutans, mangosteens, and pluots – an opportunity for many people to travel to distant locations and try fruits that may not be native to our region.

I snapped this Instagram photo of the French butter pears, which just looked so delicious and green for the season!  We also got a slice of Asian pears too.  Yummy!

The Donuttery – Donuts in the office!

One of our co-workers brought in donuts from The Donuttery - a local donut shop that serves different flavors including red velvet, blueberry, and a special pumpkin donut with a cream cheese frosting!  Delightful way to start a morning here in the Contiki office!

Have any foods that you enjoy in the office?  Send us some fun photos or a quick note telling us what your favorite work treats are!

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